New Creative Ways to Sell Your House in Utah

Do you want to make your home stand out in the market? There are creative ways to sell your house without investing a great deal of money or time. Homebuyers in Utah will notice a listing that stands out from the rest and makes an impact. Finding ways to sell your house can seem daunting, with numerous sellers on the market, though house selling is easy when you shift your mindset to a more creative approach.

New Creative Ways to Sell Your House in Utah

Adding a personal touch with virtual tours, social media, and other interactive options, you’ll find selling your house much easier to reach out to home buyers. There are plenty of avenues to explore online and with local resources to finalize the sale.

Selling Your House Fast Creatively

Get creative, and you’ll make an impression with your listing. Initially, most sellers consider the standard options for advertising their homes, such as advertising an open house, contacting a real estate agent, or seeking potential buyers from your family, friends, and acquaintances. Selling your home in UT is often as simple as understanding your local market and what potential house buyers are looking for in a new home.

While real estate marketing is time-consuming, there are unique and exciting ideas to work around traditional marketing strategies and expensive solutions. Curb appeal is important and improving the visual appearance of your home is one of the critical aspects of selling your house fast. Finding creative ways to market can attract many potential buyers quickly and effectively. 

Creative Ways to Sell Your Utah Home

Open houses, adding a new coat of paint, and hosting virtual tours are all creative ways to sell a house in Utah. House staging is a vital step for potential buyers, but you’ll capture more interest if you do something different with your photography or flaunt creative flair with your home’s décor. There are many ways to advertise in more appealing ways to sell your house in Utah.

Research the Utah Property Market

Are you familiar with the Utah real estate market? You might initially consider the standard method of selling your home with an online or print classified ad or through a realtor service. Placing a “for sale” sign is a good start, and you may conjure some interest through word-of-mouth.

Taking the next step involves acquiring more information on real estate trends. You can research the Utah property market to determine the target market rate for your neighborhood, the history of house sales, and the amenities and quality of your location. Currently, the housing market in Utah is hot, and you’ll likely have a good share of potential buyers lined up and ready to tour your home. However, making your mark among many other listings is key to selling fast.

Your research in Utah’s property market should include reviewing multiple data sources, both historical and recent, and investment rates in your neighborhood.

Current projections indicate Utah housing will steadily increase in 2021 and match some of the hottest real estate in the country, such as San Francisco. When you consider this prediction, there will likely be many other sellers in Utah to cash in on their investment.

Use Social Media to Advertise Your House

When you use social media advertising, you can start by sharing your listing with family and friends. When they share your post with their friends, followers, and groups, you’ll gain exposure and possible leads. You can add incentives by offering a cash reward or gift card for sharing your post or buy an inexpensive ad for your immediate area to find prospective buyers.

Open houses are ideal for social media. Create a Facebook page or an account on Instagram with public settings. Ask people to share or post the ad on their page, and you’ll find a lot of interest within a short time. You may find public groups or pages offering space to promote selling your home. Always check the group’s administrator before posting an open house to ensure the guidelines are adhered to for maximum results.

Work with Local Influencers

Local influencers are ideal for spreading the news about your home. Reach out to a marketing agency that can connect your unique house selling needs to influencers. They can target a local audience and help you gain followers and views exponentially. 

You can customize your pitch to include features of your home, photographs, and short video highlights. Social media offers a fantastic opportunity to work with local influencers and upgrade your marketing strategy to the next level.

Paint Your House a Bright Colour

House staging makes a significant impact when you add a fresh coat of paint in the main areas of the home. Bright colors are ideal for fun open houses and selling a house creatively. You’ll enjoy the staging process more fun, as if you’re redecorating, only in a much simpler way. Bright colors also draw attention to features you may want to highlight, such as large rooms or unique layouts.

Make Your Photography Stand Out Differently From the Rest

Do something different with your photography. Many sellers hire a professional photographer to capture the best angles and most flattering images. However, you can create the same wide-angle views and add more than the traditional views. Consider a theme for your home. For example, add a touch of class with a set of wine glasses by the fireplace mantel or a few holiday decorations to spruce up the kitchen counter or front entrance.

If you’re selling a home suitable for families, or sports enthusiasts, you might add a few props to spruce up your home to show how it can accommodate various buyers. Creative filters, special effects, and framing are also great options to consider for your home’s photos.

Virtual Tours

Inviting potential buyers to a virtual tour is a convenient way to attract more people from your local area and further. These tours give people the option of a full viewing of your home, without the need to visit in person or make an appointment. You can upload the video to a website and open dialogue with people who express interest in your property.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours make the home staging process easy, and you can reach buyers out of state who may consider a move to Utah.

Host Zoom Tours

Hosting an open house through Zoom is a great way to showcase your home in real-time. This option gives you and the potential buyer a more custom, personal connection. For example, your virtual guest may want to view a room more than once or have specific questions about specifications and the local area. Zoom open house viewings are also ideal for people who live further away or cannot visit your home within a specific time frame.

Get to know your potential buyer in advance of the virtual visit. Ask them a few questions about what they’re looking for in a house, the local neighborhood’s amenities, and other features of the area and property specifications. This process allows you to collect and research all the details you need to make an impression on the buyer to focus on the visuals when they see your home through Zoom.

Make Your Open Houses a Fun Time

Home staging is more than making your house appealing to potential buyers and investors in the housing market. Consider adding a theme to your events, such as a raffle or contest with gift cards or similar incentives to make the experience fun. Play some music, offer refreshments, and set the event to an upbeat, celebratory-like attraction. You may find people dropping by unexpectedly to see what all the activity is about and increasing your sale potential.


Creatively selling your house is easier than you think! You’ll find many simple ideas and unique twists on traditional methods to reap the rewards of selling your house fast. Selling a house in Utah is relatively quick, as the property market consistently shows an increase in buying at higher rates. While getting creative with your selling techniques, it’s also essential to track the housing market to see the trends in Utah and your specific location.

Social media, virtual access, and hosting Zoom tours are great options to secure a fast sale and allows you to become familiar with what buyers want. Anyone can easily match trends in property “must-haves” with the unique characteristics of their home. 

You’ll find this is a great way to curate a more substantial interest in buying your home. With a rich housing market in Utah, you’ll need to navigate between high demand in buyers and the competing sellers offering their houses alongside your property.
As online platforms expand and technology improves, there are many opportunities for house sellers and the property market overall. The housing industry is strong, and prospects appear favorable for both buyers and sellers in Utah. Using creative methods will give your home listing a significant boost in this market and a good chance at a quick sale and reasonable price. If you need additional help, Cashquickbuyers can help set you up for success.

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