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Short Sale vs. Foreclosure in Utah

About Short Selling a House in Utah

What is a short sale in Utah? In today’s incredibly competitive home buying market, this is a question many prospective buyers and sellers may be asking. A short sale is when the lender permits the sale of a property for less than the outstanding loan amount owed on the house. In addition, the lender agrees … Continued
Selling Your House in Utah and Move to Another State

Selling Your House in Utah and Move to Another State

There’s a moment when you realize your work in one place is over, and it’s time to move on. Because you’re a responsible adult, you know you can’t just walk off into the sunset. If you’re ready to sell your house in Utah and move to another state, there are things you need to know, … Continued
Selling a Fire Damaged House in Utah

Fire Damaged House? Tips and Advice For Selling It!

Are you trying to sell a fire-damaged house? Unfortunately, fire damage affects many homeowners trying to sell their homes, and sellers often are at a loss for advice and guidance.  The National Fire Protection Association says, over one-quarter (27%) reported fires in 2014 through 2018 affected houses. Over these five years, there was an annual … Continued
Cash Home Selling Process

An Expert’s Guide on The Cash Offer on House Process in Utah

What’s the point of paying cash for a home? It costs more upfront, and mortgage interest is considered tax-deductible.  However, sellers prefer cash offers because they can close the sale faster. Offering cash can increase your chances of buying your dream home, and it can save you money in the long run. Cash home buyers … Continued
New Creative Ways to Sell Your House in Utah

New Creative Ways to Sell Your House in Utah

Do you want to make your home stand out in the market? There are creative ways to sell your house without investing a great deal of money or time. Homebuyers in Utah will notice a listing that stands out from the rest and makes an impact. Finding ways to sell your house can seem daunting, … Continued
Average Closing Costs in Utah

What Are the Average Closing Costs in Utah?

Regardless of whether you are hoping to sell to a cash home buyer, you’re selling your house as is, or you’re simply interested in selling your home in any way possible as soon as you can, you may not end up receiving as much money as you were expecting. Home selling is exciting and chances … Continued
Asbestos in My House

Can I Sell My House With Asbestos In It

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if your Utah house was built prior to 1980, there is a possibility that your insulation, old floor tiles, roofing materials, and textured paint were constructed with asbestos- before there were any significant regulatory actions against this naturally occurring substance.  That being said, asbestos only poses … Continued
a mobile home in Utah

How To Sell A Mobile Home In Utah – Don’t Forget This!

Mobile homes or manufactured homes can be a great investment and people might be surprised to find out just how nice you can make one. While they are often good options for those looking to live in an affordable residence, they also come with their unique situations and certifications, depending on whether or not they … Continued
an abandoned house in Utah for sale

Selling An Empty House – How To Sell An Abandoned House

What, exactly, are you supposed to do with an abandoned house in Utah? Should you hold onto it and fix it up? Should you rent it out? Should you try to sell it on the market? Should you sell it to a cash buyer fast? There are a lot of options and all of them … Continued
capital gains tax text on a notebook - capital gains tax in utah

Capital Gains Tax In Utah – What You Need To Know

Hearing the word taxes usually gives people an uneasy feeling unless you’re on the receiving end and tend to get a refund every year. Besides annual taxes or even quarterly taxes, there is a tax for any profits made from the sale of a capital gain. This could affect you when you go to sell … Continued
Foreclosure notice - how to stop foreclosure in Utah

How To Stop A Foreclosure In Utah

It can be a scary feeling when you start getting those past-due notifications in the mail and voicemails from your mortgage company. You may feel stuck, not knowing what your next steps should be or how to get out of this situation. But before you get too overwhelmed, you have options before it’s too late … Continued
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