Guide To Selling House Fast In Utah

Are you looking to sell a house fast in Utah? It’s definitely something that you can do, but there are a few different ways you can accomplish that goal, each of which have their own positives and preferred situations. Selling a house can be extremely stressful and be a very costly process if you’re not careful. If your goal is to sell your Utah house as fast as possible, you’ll want to avoid middlemen like real estate agents and lenders and consider selling your house for cash to an investor like Cash Quick Buyers. You can sell your house fast without needing to make any repairs or changes, and get paid in cash for your house. But if you want to take a look at all of your potential options, let’s take a closer look at how to sell your house fast in Utah.

Sell Your House Fast in Utah

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Know How You Want To Sell

The most important thing you need to decide upfront when trying to sell your house in Utah. There are a few options but you’ll want to consider these before making a decision on how to sell your house fast. 

You can sell your house with a real estate agent. That means the agent will handle all of the marketing, listing, and negotiating on your behalf. Because of that, they end up taking a real estate commission fee for their efforts. That usually comes out to five or six percent of the sale price. 

You can sell your house yourself, in what is known as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sale. This means you handle all of the aforementioned things that a real estate agent would, but you don’t have to pay a commission fee. But you’re responsible for understanding the real estate process.

You can also sell your house to a cash buyer like Fair Cash Deal. In this case, you can sell your house without a realtor and get a cash offer for it. You don’t need to make any repairs or cleaning, you’re under no obligation to accept the offer, and you can close on your own schedule. You can close within a few weeks or take a few months. Either way, you get to walk away with cash after selling your house fast. 

Sell By Owner

When you decide to list your property on the housing market without a real estate agent, you’re doing what’s known as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sale. The value of this route is that you don’t have to pay real estate agent commission fees, which could save you money. However, that also means you’ll have to handle all of the things that a real estate agent would normally do on a market sale.

In theory, this means you’ll save money by not hiring a real estate agent, but many studies have shown that FSBO sales generate lower sale prices, especially if the seller isn’t an expert. So you might end up losing out on any potential money gained regardless. Plus, you’ll still have to make sure the buyer’s real estate agent gets their percentage of the commission fee. 

Sell With a Realtor

Many people will tell you that in order to sell your Utah house you have to hire a real estate agent. That this is the way to get it in front of buyers who will then make offers, negotiate on the sale price, and eventually close. The assumption is that the entire process will take at least two or three months, though it commonly can take much longer. 

The value of working with a real estate agent is that they handle the responsibilities and issues that come with selling a house on the market. But you still have to worry about the whims of market buyers. There’s only so much an agent can do to sway them and get the house sold. There are many factors at play and it’s going to take months even if everything goes right. A market sale will mean everything that comes with marketing, hosting open houses, making repairs, negotiating, making concessions, paying closing costs, and then paying real estate agent commissions.

Pricing Your House Right

Even if you think you have a good idea of how much your Utah house is worth when you decide to sell, market buyers see your property very differently than you do. They want the best deal possible and they don’t have the emotional attachments you do that could make you think it should cost more. You also need to make sure you’re planning accordingly for the market and how it sees your house. Price it too low and you could send the signal it’s a problem house, but price it too high and you could end up scaring off potential buyers. 

Preparing Your House For Sale

If you decide to sell your house as-is on the open market in Utah, you’ll need to consider making some improvements in order to appeal to market buyers. If the house has repair needs, you’re going to want to consider what you’re able to do. When you’re trying to repair a house in bad condition, costs can add up pretty fast. It’s important to make a list of potential repairs and then figure out how much they will cost. That’ll give you a sense of what you need to worry about. 

If you’re going to make repairs, just try not to overdo them because you don’t want to make a bad situation worse. Don’t be afraid to consult with experts who can give you estimates. They may also be able to show you issues you weren’t aware of, not to mention the costs involved. 


If you want to sell your house fast in Utah in the housing market, you need to make a great first impression. That means you want to make sure the house is clean and updated and in its best condition possible. More than cleaning up, decluttering is important because it removes all of the unimportant items that distract buyers from all the good things in the house. Buyers don’t want you to see the life of the seller, they want to see their own life. The Consumer Reports National Research Center says decluttering can boost your asking price by as much as five percent.

Maintenance and Repairs

If you are selling a Utah house that needs repairs on the open market, you’ll want to consider the time involved as well as costs. Costs accumulate quickly and you need to prioritize your repairs based on cost and value. You should also consider what you’re willing to pay for that you think you could recoup on the sale. There’s no reason to fix things that buyers don’t care about. 

Marketing and Listing Your House

Once you’re ready to sell your house on the market, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all your marketing efforts in order. Whether you’re working with a real estate agent or selling the house yourself, you’ll need to make sure there are For Sale signs, the house is showing up on all the popular MLS sites, the house details are updated online, and there are brochures for visitors to take with them. 

Showing Your House

Once your house is listed, it’s time to show it off to buyers. Work with your real estate agent to set up an open house, or create one yourself. Make sure the house is staged and cleaned, you don’t want people showing up to see it in rough shape. You or your agent should be available to take questions, provide information, and give potential buyers what they need in order to consider making an offer. 

Reviewing and Negotiating Offers

Once you get offers in for your Utah house, it’s time to review offers and then decide which one you want to select for negotiating. You can decide based on any number of factors, including price, type of offer (financed or cash), or sympathetic notions based on reasons the buyer wants to buy your house. 

Paperwork and Disclosure Requirements in Utah

The only disclosure that Utah requires in a home sale is that sellers let buyers know if there has been any contamination in the house due to “use, storage, or manufacture of methamphetamines.” Utah real estate agents will also usually have their clients fill out standard disclosure forms that they can provide to buyers prior to closing.

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The closing process is often considered the most important part of the real estate transaction because there are a lot of things that can go wrong. You have to make sure all of the proper documents are filled out, the title search goes well and proves that it’s clean, that all of the funds are available to pay for the sale, and all the proper insurances and fees are covered. 

Of course, you can avoid so many of these steps, and ensure that your Utah house will sell fast, by selling your house in Utah for cash to Cash Home Buyers. Contact us and we’ll reach out to get more information so that we can make you a fair no-obligation cash offer in as soon as 24 hours. If you approve the offer, we can close on the sale in days and put cash in your hand for your Utah house.

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